- 10/03/2022 -

Overpack Create, Management, Edit, Delete, and Dispatch

Step 1 – Orders management

For the contracts of some partners, it’s necessary to put some orders in an overpack.

1 – You can select the orders and click on “Generate Overpack”. When finished, you’ll be redirected to the “Overpacks Management” where it contains the information of all overpacks.

Step 2 – Overpacks Management

1 – Filters – You can filter the overpacks.

There are 3 statuses available for an overpack:

  1. New – When you finish creating. In this status, you can add orders, edit and delete.
  1. Ready to dispatch – Confirms that the overpack is closed and will not change any more data. The label is generated.
  1. Dispatched – When the order has already been dispatched.

If you select an overpack, the “Actions” button will appear.

Update First Mile Information – This allows you to speed up tracking by sending more information.

Delete Overpack – To remove the overpack. Only overpacks with status new can be deleted.

Set Overpack(s) as Ready to Dispatch – Confirm that the overpack is closed and will not change any more data.

Dispatch Overpack(s) – Inform that the order has already been dispatched.

Generate label(s) – generate the overpack label.

Step 3 – Overpack View

1 – Update First Mile Information, Label, and Dispatch Overpack(s) – It’s the information and actions that are allowed as well as on the Overpacks Management page.

2 – Origin Hub – Address that needs to send the overpack for it to be shipped.

3 – Order information.

Step 4 – Overpack with status new

1 – Delete Overpack – You can delete the overpack. This action does not delete the orders, it just removes those orders from this overpack to be able to link to another.

2 – Edit Overpack – You can remove and add an order to this overpack.